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wash pits & floor drains

The dirt that accumulates in car wash pits or floor drains is probably the least of your worries. However, as soon as there’s a stop-up, you are reminded of just how important it is to the operation of your site.  Not to mention that if you do not chose the right contractor and your debris is disposed of improperly or illegally, it will cost you time and money.

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septic inspections

There are many reasons you might require an inspection of your septic system. Most often it is prior to listing a home for sale. This will enhance the home’s value and help limit issues or concerns that might occur. If you are a prospective buyer you should insist that the septic system be inspected before your purchase a property.

grease traps

Omaha Pumping can handle all of your grease trap service with single-visit pumping capabilities up to 4,500 gallons.  Maintaining a scheduled maintenance program will help alleviate emergency calls, prevent sewer backups, and help avoid the costly expenses associated with these repairs - adding bottom-line savings to your company.

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line jetting & hydro flushing

Line Jetting or Hydro Flushing  also known as water jetting, is the process of using high and ultra-high pressure water cleaning to unclog plumbing pipes and drain line systems.  These obstructions hinder the flow of your lines and can result in thousands of dollars in damage and emergency services.  It is usually recommended that water pressure during the line jetting process at 5,000 psito effectively blast away clogs and clean pipes to the best possible standard.

The technique has been used in practically every industry where cleaning and unclogging specific areas is required. 

Septic pumping

Failure to maintain your septic systems is a recipe for a costly system failure.  Having your tank on a regular maintenance program is a must.  The cost of regular maintenance is minuscule in comparison to repairing or replacing your system. Pumping your tank will also help protect the health of the community and the environment!

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transportation & disposal

Omaha Pumping provides transportation and disposal of non-toxic liquid waste remove for a variety of situations.  Our vacuum tanker is capable of removing up to 4500 gallons per load.

  • Remedy high water table concerns

  • De-watering excavations

  • Remove water underground storage tanks & piping